Project Management Software

August 27, 2007

So we’re still on the market for a good project management software… I stumbled across this lil treat while reading the comments on Smashing Magazine’s article regarding Project Management.

 I give you activeCollab, a basecamp type site, that is completely free and open source. However, we would have to have a PHP hosting environment to put it on. Food for thought tho.


3 Responses to “Project Management Software”

  1. Jason Newlin Says:

    Yeah, I gave activeCollab a try about 9 months ago… good software. It was kinda a PITA to install and get it working. BUT ya know, we could install it on our mini, but then we would only have ‘local’ access to it. I dunno.

  2. twayne Says:

    Try Wrike It actually changed my views on how project management should be organised. It’s an alternative to Basecamp that’s definitely worth checking out.

  3. twayne Says:

    FYI here’s an article that might be interesting in this connection,134816-c,webservices/article.html

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